Today arrives the first legal free movie for iPhone!

17 06 2009

Today an independent director launches his movie on iPhone, as a gift for all users. For the first time, iPhone’s owners can download an entire movie for free.



17/06/09 – After being the first movie to be available for free in Full HD on the web, “Torno Subito”, the first movie by Simone Damiani, a young independent director, is now available on iPhone. For the first time, iPhone’s users can download for free an entire movie. To download it, you will have to open iTunes and search “Torno Subito” as a video podcast.

“I’m proud that Apple decided to welcome our movie on their platform – declares Damianiusing my friend’s iPhone i discovered how it is simple to download applications and songs; so i decided to put my movie there for free!”


“After only one single day of broadcasting – affirmed the director – “Torno Subito is the most downloaded content on the Italian version of iTunes. I really hope we will get a similar success also abroad! Our movie has ben accurately subtitled and the theme is pretty universal and enjoyable in every corner of the planet!”


I think that iTunes Store – continues Damiani – would be a powerful system to distribute independent movies in the future. I can easily connect the iPhone on my tvset and watch movies and other tv programs on a big screen sunk in my favourite armchair! Unfortunately i still don’t have an iPhone, because in Italy it is really expensive. I hope i will get one soon, maybe selling my next movies and shows on iPhone!”.

Distributed initially using social networks like Facebook and Myspace, and broadcasted on the italian version of Current Tv, the movie obtained smashing results in only 3 months of diffusion. After this success, Torno Subito has been projected into the European Parliament, in Brussel. The movie has been watched by various Eurodeputies, and Maria Badia i Cutchet, member of the Cultural Commission. According to the stats of the website and to the share of Current Tv, the movie has been watched almost by a million of persons. This is a result that only few italian and European movies could achieve.

Besides the iPhone, the movie is still available on the website. The link is:

Into this feature film, a story of deep friendship between two guys becomes a universe of isolation and inertia, made only of sights and silences. Only the rediscovery of primal interactions would be the key for a laborius rapprochement.

Simone Damiani was born in 1980 in Civitavecchia, a small town near Rome. Torno Subito is his first movie. He starts playing with the camera at 16. From that moment he never stops. He discovered what he wants to do of his life during the “School of the Arts” in Civitavecchia. His teachers were Steven Natanson, Daniele Vicari, Stefano Reali e Salvatore Basile, famous italian directors and scriptwriters. Between 2002 and 2005 he shots music videos for Virgin Uk, EMI Music and Rai Trade. From 2008 he works as a filmmaker and author for Current Tv Italy, Mtv South and Endemol Italy.




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4 08 2009
Watch Movies

hmmm, i dunno how popular this will be, i haven an iphone and i never watched movies on it, legal or illigal, the screen is too small IMO. But i guess some people will.

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