From Facebook to Hollywood: an italian director invited to the Studios for the shooting of CSI Series 10!

10 10 2009

Torno Subito’s director, Simone Damiani, has been invited by one of the productors of the american serial CSI Las Vegas to follow the shoots for two days, at the NBC Studios in Los Angeles. Steven Felder, the producer, contacted Damiani after seeing his film online, subtitled in english.

10/09/09 – In the latest days, the director Simone Damiani and the young actress Lara Basso have been guests at the NBC Universal in the Hollywood’s Studios. The famous american house of productions offered them the possibility to take part to the works for the 10st season of the “CSI” serial.

Damiani has been invited on the set by one of the producers of the serial, Steven Felder, positively impressed by his film “Torno Subito”. The movie became famous since it’s been the first given for free in HD on the web. Even anglophone speaking people can have the chance to watch and understand the movie, thanks to the english subititles. With Damiani, the young italian actress Lara Basso had the chance to take part at this experience; the two were studying together in a theatre workshop organized by “Blue In The Face”, a cultural association, based at the Santa Monica Playhouse Theatre, close to Los Angeles.

“It’s been an exciting constitutive experience” – says Damiani and Basso – “The most impressive thing has been touching with hand the passion that the crew and the cast put on the serial. Everyone is always concentrated on his own work, subordinate to an extremly strict work plan; but nobody had problems in chatting with us and proudly involving us in their work.”

“Getting to know the cast it’s been exciting too” – continue Damiani and Basso – “Even if they are international stars, nobody acted rude. We’ve been lucky enough to talk with the “hottie” of the serial, George Eads (Agent Strokes) and the “Holy Monster” Robert David Hall (in Dr. Robbins’s clothes) already popoular by playing the role of another doctor in E.R. (Dr. VanDeer). We’ve even had the chance to met Laurence Fishburne, who is Raymond “Ray” Langston in the serial. The ex Morpheus of “Matrix” is one of the “new entry” on the NBC serial”.

“We thank with the all of our heart Steven Felder and his crew” – says satisfieds Damiani and Basso – “whom treated us as sons of Mister Universal. Since we’ve arrived, the producers gave us their chair in front of the monitors, and everybody, both cast and crew, seemed entertained and interested on our experience. Italian Cinema is higly famed in America: that explain the difference on how we’ve been treated”.

Damiani’s movie is downloadable at: The movie is the story about two guys with a strong friendship, that became an universe of incommunicability and inertia, made just of sights and silents. Just the rediscover of primordial interactions will be the key of an hard rapprochement.

Lara Basso is born in Rome on 26 april 1980. She started her way through the show bitz in 2001 at Miss Italy, arriving at the 4th place and getting 4 national bands. She start working for television as subrette in “Grolle d’oro per la fiction”, “Scommettiamo che?”, “I Pacchi”, “La vita in diretta”. As a model she appeared on RaiDue for “In Famiglia”. She’s been inviata (vuoto!!) for Big Brother in “Buona Domenica”. She studied acting at “Scaletta” school in Rome with G. Battista Diotajuti. She acted in movies and fiction as “Gente di mare”, “Scusa ma ti voglio sposare” and “Narcotici”.

Steven Felder is one of the directors of productions for CSI since 2002. After a long carrer into the indie american cinema, Felder land on television, directing the production of famous tv serials, like Miami Vice.

Steven Felder (production director):

George Eads (is Nick Stokes):

Robert David Hall (is Dr. Al Robbins):

Laurence Fishburne (is Raymond ‘Ray’ Langston):




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20 05 2010

Youve won a walk-on role on your favorite television show and you get to suggest the new character you play. Which show and what type of character?

20 10 2009

sure! Thank you in advance!

17 10 2009

Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

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