Tv: The Guardian nominates the italian tv show “Quiz And Wax” as the new Big Brother

20 05 2010

The famous british newspaper “Guardian” dedicates an article to the italian format “Quiz And Wax”, created by Simone Damiani for an italian webtv. The newspaper suggest the chief of Channel 4, the major tv network in UK, to broadcast “Quiz And Wax” instead Big Brother.

20/05/2010 – The international success of the italian tv format “Quiz And Wax” is increasing. Yesterday an interesting article about the show has been published by the famous british newspaper “Guardian”.

In the article, published on Mediamonkey section, dedicate to media world, the Guardian nominates the show as the new Big Brother, father of all reality shows.

In United Kingdom, Big Brother 11 is on air. According to David Abraham, new chief of the network Channel 4 (the first tv network in UK) this will be the last edition of the show; Abraham said that he is looking for new ideas. So the “Guardian” suggests to the chief of Channel 4 to broadcast “Quiz And Wax” on his network.

The “Guardian” announces that it will be promoter of a campaign to bring “Quiz And Wax” to the MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival, an event born1976 which is today the main festival about media.

The show created by Simone Damiani is gaining a great success outside Italy. The director and author has been interviewed few days ago by Tubefilter“, an important online magazine published by creators of International Academy For Web Television“.

The tv format is located in a reconstruction of a dirty garage, full of torture instruments of any type. The guys are undressed and chained by the anchor Lara Basso, dressed like a bondage mistress, with a cracking whip in her hand. The show is freely inspired to “The Newlywed Game” but enriched in a sadistic way. In “The Newlywed Game” newly-married couples has got to answer questions to discover how the spous know each other. In “Quiz And Wax”, the boys that give wrong answer has got to suffer painful strips of depilatory wax on their naked bodies.

The show is called “Quiz And Wax” (Quiz is the italian word that means Game Show). It is an original idea by Simone Damiani and it is broadcasted by Bonsai Tv, a famous italian WebTv created by Endemol/Yam112003.




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